Experience how Tender Tots Childcare educates children.

Children learn through play…plan a visit with us to see how educational our play is! Come & see how seriously we take education and how we use play to foster creativity.

Our curriculum is developed by observing each child's interests and abilities and then using these observations to carefully plan and create appropriate activities and learning environments. This process helps foster the growth for all the children in our care. We then document the progress and celebrate the successes.Our program helps the children grow, physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively.

There are a lot of benefits to our co-constructed curriculum - created by your child, the teacher and the environment. It fosters creativity, it’s about the children, it builds a solid foundation and allows your child’s interests to be expressed and expanded.

 We do more than nurture little hearts & bodies…we nurture little minds too.

Daytime - Evening - Weekend

Call 849-3333

Tell us what your child is curious about, book a personal visit with us
and we’ll show you how we open up minds and imaginations.

114 Hampton Rd, Rothesay, NB

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